• Publications

    I have had the chance to write and present peer-reviewed papers in journals, magazines, and at conferences all around the world; and to work with esteemed co-authors. Profiles:

  • Journals and Conferences

    B.Falchuk, "How AI is Enabling a Creativity Renaissance", Proc. of the Int'l. Conference on Advances in Computer-Human Interactions (ACHI'21), Nice, 2021


    B.Falchuk, S.Loeb, R.Neff, “The Social Metaverse: Battle for Privacy”, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 37(2), pp. 52-61, June, 2018

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    B.Falchuk, R.Fischer, “Strategies for Adaptive Online Health Communities”, Proc. of 15th Annual International Meeting and Exposition of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA 2010), San Antonio, 2010

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  • Graduate theses


    B.Falchuk, “AgentSys: A Platform for Mobile Agent-based Data Access, Retrieval, and Interaction”, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Ottawa, School of Information Technology and Engineering, 1999 (Supervisor: A.Karmouch)


    B.Falchuk, “MultiNODeS – A Multimedia News-on-Demand System”, M.Sc. Thesis, Carleton University, School of Computer Science, 1995 (Supervisors: A.Karmouch, E.Otoo)